Monday, September 27, 2010

Weirdest Shoes Ever - Lady Gaga Shoes

Lady Gaga is definitely an icon - not only in the music industry but much more - in the world of fashion. Actually, you won't be able to separate her music from her fashion. Sometimes, it seems that she's more of a contemporary style trailblazer than an American recording artist. Like her music, her choice of clothes and shoes are always a bit intriguing and nothing less than out of this world. Unlike other artists of today, it's obvious that she values imagery - and that's not a bad thing. Her dedication in building a super icon for her fans is so tremendous and very admirable so cheers to her! :)

Here are some of the weirdest Lady Gaga shoes which most of us are probably scared to wear (I can't bear to wear those meat shoes nor those Alexander McQueen Lobster Shoes):